Health Is A Lifestyle, Not A Fad

Every so often, a new health product will burst into the market and get people excited. This trend will spread far and wide fairly fast, with millions trying it to get the promised benefits. Its merits will be tested once the long-term results come it. Few are able to deliver what they say. Many come with side effects that make them impractical or dangerous. If you truly wish to be healthy, then stick to the tried and tested ways. Stop chasing fads and start thinking of health in terms of your overall lifestyle. Evaluate yourself in terms of the following:


How much sleep do you get every night? Experts say 8 hours is optimal, more so if taken regularly at normal hours. This means no binging on TV shows or playing computer games until past midnight. It means being disciplined enough not to reach for your phone when it’s time to sleep. It means having to say no to unplanned trips to the bar and other late night activities, especially if you need to wake up early the next day. It also means finishing your work on time and keeping distractions to a minimum. This can be easier said than done but there are ways to achieve it.


You must also evaluate your level of physical activity. Some people are active throughout the day because of the nature of their work. They are on their feet all the time serving customers in a restaurant, building on a construction site, traveling from place to place, and so on. Others are extremely sedentary, sitting all day in front of a computer and only rising up to go to the bathroom. Add modern conveniences such as elevators and cars, you’ll see that there’s little in terms of calorie-burning going on. This can be remedied by a regular exercise routine. Do what works for you and your schedule.


Mental health is a crucial part of our well-being. Sadly, it isn’t always addressed adequately. Stress can come from various pressures around us and within us. For instance, you may be in the middle of a separation from a long-time partner or the loss of your job. This will contribute immensely to the stress that you’re feeling which can affect you not only emotionally but also mentally and physically. Some people can’t eat well or resort to drinking when this happens. You need to have a good support system and a sensible coping mechanism to help you get through it.


You cannot do anything well if you are not fed properly. Food is the fuel that will allow you to move towards your goals. Eat so that you can have enough energy to power you through each day. It should not be too little as you will get hungry and tired easily. It should not be too much as you will get fat and lethargic. Aside from getting the amount right, you should also be conscious of the quality of the food you eat. It cannot contain too much salt or sugar. The balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fats should be just right.


The food you eat should be your main source of nutrients. However, there are several cases wherein this will not be enough. Those who are trying to bulk up for bodybuilding will need a whole load of protein. They will probably want to drink protein supplements between meals to reach their daily quota. Those who are training for athletic pursuits may also want to do so in aid of their recovery. They will be able to bounce back quicker after punishing training sessions. Another thing they could do is to find the best BCAAs and use that to improve their ability to cope with their loads.


Lastly, people should not forget to drink enough water every day. This may appear trivial but it is absolutely important. Water improves circulation and helps to eliminate waste from the body. It is essential in various organ functions. It aids in having clear skin and good digestion. It can also cool the body when it’s hot which prevents heat stroke. Get about 10 glasses of water a day or more, depending on your needs. Just spread it out and don’t over drink in one go.

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